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Travel Team Info

  Joining a Travel Team

Watertown Youth Basketball Association is a member of the Metrowest Basketball League. Metrowest League requirements state that players must play at the grade level in which they attend school, and may not play down a year, regardless of age.  If you have questions regarding this, please contact a board member. 

1.      Prospective players register online, select uniform size and provide payment.
2.      After registration all players will be placed on a "wait list" until after tryouts.
3.      Players attend two tryouts (unless arranged otherwise). Skills assessments are made by an independent group of impartial advisors, not by Parents or Coaches.
4.      For all teams, Boys and Girls Grade 5 - 8 the teams are developed as an A team that will play in a higher ranked division and a B team that will play in a lower ranked division. Both teams will be placed in a division to provide competitive games equal to the strength of the team. Metrowest provides 5 competitive divisions of play with 1 being the top division and 5 being the lower division.
5.      Teams are selected and players will be notified. Cuts will be made when numbers dictate it necessary, but we are committed to allowing, when possible, all those that register an opportunity to play.
6.      After teams are made, coaches will be named.


 ~$245 per child for 2019-20 season: covers the cost of gym rentals, referees for all Metrowest games and playoffs, insurance and equipment.

~$55 per child for a uniform (Jersey $35 Shorts $20) for the 2019-20 season.  For any uniform questions, please contact us at

 Our coaches and Board of Directors volunteer their services for free.

Travel Basketball Substitution Policies

Substitution for travel basketball is managed exclusively by the coaching staff. Players do not play an equal number of minutes per game. The WYBA travel basketball program is not a "win at all costs" program but our coaches are encouraged to put each player on the court in a situation where he/she can compete and not have a negative experience. Two-thirds of the travel basketball experience is made up of team practices, where skills are developed. Since early 2012, the WYBA is a Positive Coaching Alliance partner. We require our coaches to attend training sessions produced by Positive Coaching Alliance approved trainers. We encourage our coaches to be "double-goal" coaches striving to pursue both winning and teach life lessons.

Travel Basketball 2019-2020

Boys and Girls in grade 5 through 8 will have the opportunity to tryout for travel team basketball. Generally each travel team will carry 12 players. If more players register than were anticipated, a second travel team might be formed if we can secure the services of a coach who is willing to dedicate the required time for practices and games

Click here for the Metrowest League Overview and Welcome Message

Instructions to view schedule on MetroWest Basketball Website:
On the MetroWest website, in the top left of the screen, select "Schedule"
When you get to the Schedule page, select "Town"
Then, select "Team" - 5B - Watertown (red) D3 or 8G -Watertown (red)- D3 etc...
(Skip the "Division" tab)
Select "View Schedule"   


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